Why Bees Use Hexagons To Make Beehives

Ever wonder why bees use hexagons to make beehives? Two reasons. First, bees want to enclose the largest possible space with the least amount of wax. With this in mind, a circle would be best. So why don’t they use circular combs? Because hexagons are the shape with the most sides that “tesselate”. In other words, if you put a bunch of hexagons next to each other there will be no spaces between them. No shape with more than six sides will do this.


6 thoughts on “Why Bees Use Hexagons To Make Beehives”

  1. Bees certainly know their math. Bet they could teach us a thing or two. I wonder what University they go to?

  2. They don’t do it intentionally, bubble spheres naturally form hexagons… thanks to natural forces of nature can a bee create a spacious hive. Don’t believe me- take a queen and workers to space and see what they accomplish.

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