Pet Food Sucking Up U.S. Water

by Daniel Weber on April 26, 2010

From National Geographic

Researchers investigated the hidden costs of water use by estimating the amount of H20 consumed per U.S. dollar of end product by different industrial sectors, including agriculture.For instance, it takes about 270 gallons 1,022 liters of water to produce a dollar’s worth of sugar, about 200 gallons 757 liters to make a dollar’s worth of pet food, and 140 gallons 530 liters to make a dollar’s worth of milk.

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Volcanoes that Spew Water

by Daniel Weber on June 13, 2009

Did you know that Saturn’s moon Titan has volcanoes that spurt water?

Warm is a subjective term on Titan, where the average temperature is -290 degrees Fahrenheit (-179 degrees Celsius). One measure of the cold there is its volcanoes. While those on Earth spew molten rock, liquid water streams from Titan’s volcanoes.



Is There Ice on the Moon?

Could there be ice on the moon? A team of British researchers thinks so, and theorizes that the water could be put to use by residents of a future permanent lunar base. Poring over data from NASA’s 1998 Lunar Prospector probe, the Durham University scientists found that hydrogen on the moon tends to be concentrated […]

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Can You Die From Drinking Too Much Water?

In January 2007, hours after competing in a radio station contest to win a Nintendo Wii, 28-year-old Jennifer Strange was found dead in her California home. The station’s “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” challenge awarded the game system to the contestant who could drink the most water without having to take a trip to […]

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How Much Does a Cloud Weigh?

“Let’s start with a very simple white puffy cloud – a cumulus cloud. How much does the water in a cumulus cloud weigh? Peggy LeMone, senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, did the numbers. “The water in the little cloud weighs about 550 tons,” she calculates. “Or if you […]

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Dolphin Eyesight

“Dolphins have a superior eyesight, whether they are in or out of the water, and their hearing is also far superior to that of a human.” [source]

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From wikipedia.org “Rainbows are visible due to water droplets in the air, with sunlight shining behind the observer.”

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Oldest River in the World

“The New River located in West Virgina, United States, is the second oldest river in the world, second only to the Nile River.” [source]

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