Are Olympic Medals Made of Real Gold and Silver?

London 2012 Olympic medals made by The Royal Mint, Llantrisant / Medalau Llundain 2012 wedi’u cynhyrchu gan y Bathdy Brenhinol, Llantrisant

Before the 1912 Summer Olympics, the medals were made from solid gold. Now there is only 1.34% gold in the Olympic Gold medals, the rest is 93% silver and 6% copper. The Silver medals are made up of 93% silver and 7% copper, and the Bronze medal is made up almost entirely of copper.

source: CSS Money

The Fastest Pitcher in History

“Fans, researchers, historians and even the players argue all the time about who was the fastest pitcher of all-time. The most widely quoted response is Nolan Ryan, whose fastball was “officially” clocked by the Guinness Book of World Records at 100.9 miles per hour in a game played on August 20, 1974 versus the Chicago White Sox. A record that”s still included in the book.”
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